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Reconciliation Week - Special Giggletime session with the MFS

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Today at Giggle Time the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) will be bringing one of their firetrucks along for us!

It isn't just any fire truck - this one has been wrapped in indigenous art with the aim of increasing awareness and support for reconciliation.

We will get to hear all about the art work and the process undertaken to bring it to life on the vehicle.

As the fire truck is an operational vehicle it means the crew and fire truck may have to leave so they can respond to an emergency. This can happen any time before or during the visit. If an emergency does arise the crew may have to leave early or cancel with no notice - This scenario is beyond our control.

Please keep in mind that fire trucks can be loud and intimidating. We therefore ask that attendees with sensory sensitivities are prepared ahead of time and have assistance items, such as headphones, on hand if needed.

So please! Join us for what is bound to be a great morning outside in the plaza

Suitable for ages: 0 to 5 years