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Salisbury City Centre Public Art Unveiling

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Join us as we unveil three new public art sculptures in the Salisbury City Centre

Artworks will be unveiled in a rolling opening on Saturday 21 January 2023 from 10.30am.


  • Saturday 21 January - 10.30am
    "Salisbury Rail Crash Memorial" Sculpture - Located at Salisbury Interchange
    A Memorial for the Park Terrace Railway Crossing Tragedy that happened on 24 October 2002.
    Artist David Clarke with the assistance of his wife designed the memorial piece from the concept of a floral wreath to signify the four lives lost in the tragic accident.

  • Saturday 21 January - 11.05am
    "Music Melting Pot" Sculpture - Located in Sexton Laneway - off John Street
    Artist Ryan Turner of Malicious Delicious, based his creation on bringing people together with music. Designed to be a beacon that illuminates John Street as a landmark and a meeting place, it references Salisbury’s historical brass bands with its diverse community.

  • Saturday 21 January - 11.35am
    "Family" Sculpture - Commonwealth Bank, Corner of John & Church Streets
    Created by Artist Gerry McMahon, the "Family" sculpture symbolises the proud history of immigration, community and family. The sculpture embraces these ideals and is an abstract reflection of race, migration and inclusiveness.