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Events Is Your Balance As Good As You Think

Is your balance as good as you think?

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If you are aged between 40 to 74 years and interested in seeing how you go with balance tests under different conditions, come along and have your balance assessed.

Balance assessments will be completed on alternate Tuesdays in the Jack Young Centre in June and July.

For more information please email Nicky Baker or call 7221 8745.

This is a joint initiative between City of Salisbury and Flinders University.

Eligibility, inclusion and exclusion criteria

To be eligible for the study you need to:

  • be aged 40-74 years
  • live independently in the community
  • have access to a mobile phone to receive weekly text messages for three months
  • be able to attend a local council venue for testing
  • have not fallen in the previous six months.

You may not be eligible for this research study if you have any of the following:

  • current pain, trauma or severe pathology affecting standing or walking
  • diagnosed neurological condition
  • communication problem that affects ability to follow instructions safely
  • inability to walk 10 metres unassisted
  • joint surgery or injury within the previous 3 months
  • an unstable medical condition where active participation in exercise is contraindicated e.g. unstable heart condition, blood clot in the lungs, stroke within past three months.