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Salisbury Plays

Salisbury Plays at Bridgestone Reserve 2017 Webpage Hero.jpg




Salisbury Plays is our initiative to head outside, and discover the many parks and reserves in our community. Salisbury has some great places for the young (and the young at heart) to play in.

Salisbury Plays 2020 locations

  •  Carisbrooke Park - Sunday, 26 April - Cancelled
  •  Ingle Farm Recreation Centre - Sunday, 17 May - Cancelled
  •  Bridgestone Reserve - July - Cancelled
  • St Kilda Adventure Playground - Saturday, 10 October

Want to get involved in these events as a local community group, club or local business? Contact the Events Team regarding an Expression of Interest.

About our play spaces

We have nearly 200 parks with 140 play spaces, and invest in its parks through initiatives to:

  • upgrade the extremely popular St Kilda Adventure Playground
  • update and/or replace children’s play equipment when needed
  • irrigate parks with play equipment
  • seal and extend trail networks
  • upgrade and improve district parks
  • install shade and furniture in parks
  • replenish trees. 

Previous 2019 Salisbury Play events

  • Mawson Lakes - Sunday 14 April 2019
  • Golding Oval - Para Vista Sunday 19 May 2019
  • St Kilda - Sunday 14 October 2019