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Property Valuations

How are property values determined?

The Valuer-General revalues properties every year. The capital improved value of the land also takes into account improvements such as a home, veranda, shed or swimming pool.  Sales of all property types are analysed to determine market movements. This analysis of sales happens throughout the year. For more information, visit the link below:

How is my property valued? 

If I feel my property is wrongly valued, what should I do?

You must lodge your objection to the Valuer-General within 60 days of the date of your first rates notice.

Lodge your objection by completing the online form here and:

  • mailing it to GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001.
  • delivering it in person to the State Valuation Office at 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
  • sending via email to  

For further information

Please call the Office of the State Valuer General on 1300 653 346. If you have previously received a notice or notices under the Local Government Act, 1999 referring to the valuation and informing you of a 60 day objection period, the objection period is 60 days after service of the first such notice. Also, you may not object to the valuation of your property if the Valuer-General has already considered an objection by you to that valuation. Please note: Payment of Council rates cannot be deferred pending the result of an objection to property values and are due and payable by the due date.