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Virtual Walking Challenge Around Australia

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Monday 27 July 2020 - Tuesday 24 November 2020

Venue: Virtual tour

Cost: FREE

Virtual walking challenge around Australia

The challenge = Get walking!

Our walking groups and members of the community have been virtually walking many of the regional areas of SA. 

What: record the walking undertaken. It could be out and about or just around the house and in the garden, it all adds up.


1. Use a pedometer or smart watch to count the steps or roughly know the distance you are walking.

2. Begin recording your steps on a Monday and finish on a Sunday.

3. Add up your total number of steps for the week.

4. Use this chart to convert your steps into kilometres (its super easy to do this)

5. Email your total number of kilometres walked to Jim at 

Extra points for including a photo of you walking or enjoying a cuppa after! We will mark you contributions on a map and post it here so everyone can see how far we have collectively walked!

Click here for a step log template - you might like to use this to record your daily steps.

Walking Challenge snapshot - on the way back to Adelaide:

Week 26: Wow - we have been walking ½ a year! How inspirational - it’s a great effort and we are getting closer to the finish line, with Perth not too far away now.

We have walked another 957.5 kms, this takes us on our Walking Challenge from just past Ningaloo, down the coast of WA, through the Shark Bay Heritage area to end our walk this week just a few kilometres south and slightly east of Tamala.

Again we pass through some stunning scenery and remote areas and chapters of our history - this time particularly the Dutch explorers, followed by the French.  Some brave adventurers venturing into these wild untamed areas to settle. Click here to read the travel log .

Week 27: We have walked another 991kms this week, which takes us from just south of Tamala (WA Coral Coast) through even more fantastic scenery, nature reserves and through even more fantastic scenery, nature reserves and through the wheat belt. Areas with very interesting history and stories of Dutch explorers.

We pass through Perth and continue south through Rockingham and Mandurah, ending our walk this week, after 991kms, at Lake Clifton. Thanks goes to Lyn who's compiled a virtual tour that goes through so many towns with so many stories. Click here to read it.

Once we get to South Western WA, we can trek back across the Great Australian Bight and eventually get to Adelaide after circumnavigating (on land) this wonderful country of ours - maybe by week 30 or so.

Week 28 We have walked another 974 kms this week, which takes us south from Lake Clifton around the Rainbow Coast, with spectacular scenery and peninsula's, plus interesting history. We go through places like Eagle Bay (maybe the inspiration for those footy fans out there re the ‘West Coast Eagles’), Windy Harbour & Peaceful Bay (sounds delightful). Click here to read more. 

Week 29: Another 975.5kms, taking us along the south west coast of WA and bringing us into the Nullabor Plain, heading east towards the SA border.

Our trek takes us from Hopetoun and we end this week 20kms east of Cocklebiddy, on the way towards Madura. Again fantastic scenery, conservation parks and reserves then onto the isolated communities of the Nullabor. Click here to read about it.

Keep on walking, getting close to SA border and the trek back to Adelaide.

Week 30: This past week we have continued across the vast Nullabor Plain from 20km east of Cocklebiddy, on the edge of Nuytsland Nature reserve, into SA and on the homeward leg of our Walking Challenge.

We have ‘upped’ the anti again this week, travelling some 1013.5kms. 

We continue through the Nullabor National Park and through the small townships and ports of western SA, continuing down the Eyre Peninsula, where we end our walk this week at Talia Caves. Through barren landscapes and rich landscapes, with native vegetation, flora and fauna.  Click here to read about it.

We still have just over 1300kms to get us back to Adelaide so put in an extra spurt to finish our Walking Challenge around Australia!

Week 31: ….getting closer!

This week we walked from Talia Caves on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, around the peninsula and down the west coast of the Yorke Peninsula, covering 1071.5kms to reach Point Pearce. Many of the small localities we pass through began life as beach shack communities.  Many are popular holiday destinations.  As usual we pass through some spectacular scenery on our travels and again learn some of the history of the areas. Click here to read about it.

Not long now to get back to Adelaide - down the coast of the Yorke Peninsula, back up the eastern coast and then homeward bound

Week 32: We’ve done! We have successfully circumnavigated this wide land of ours ! We have walked a total of 24,051kms…wow! What a great effort!! 

We had to deviate to small localities on the coast, so 486kms to get home (which we easily achieved).  Click here for the travel log.

We're back home!

Thank you and well done to all the walkers who helped us complete the walk back to Adelaide (30+ people involved over the 32 weeks of walking). Every step counted. 'Helping others, is a good way to get moving". 

A special thank you to Lyn who diligently compiled all the maps, descriptions and photos together, which helped us view and tour the coastline of Australia virtually.   "Thank you for your time and effort with the Walking Challenge. Working towards a goal helped maintain my motivation. It was great to be part of the team and to see our achievements on the map each week. I have discovered so much about my neighbourhood through my afternoon walks; like the perfect sunset views from Para Hills Reserve; and meeting some neighbours for the first time, even though we’ve lived next to each other for years." Michael


If you would like to know more about this challenge, please contact Jim on 8406 8251.

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