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Virtual Walking Challenge Around Australia

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Monday 27 July 2020 - Wednesday 30 September 2020

Venue: Virtual tour

Cost: FREE

Like to get your steps up? Help us complete our virtual walking challenge around Australia

 Your challenge = Get walking!

Our walking groups have been virtually walking many of the regional areas of SA. They would like to invite everyone here to also take part!

What: record the walking you do. It could be out and about or just around the house and in the garden, it all adds up.


1. Use a pedometer or smart watch to count the steps or roughly know the distance you are walking.

2. Begin recording your steps on a Monday and finish on a Sunday.

3. Add up your total number of steps for the week.

4. Use this chart to convert your steps into kilometres (its super easy to do this)

5. Email your total number of kilometres walked to Jim at 

Extra points for including a photo of you walking or enjoying a cuppa after! We will mark you contributions on a map and post it here so everyone can see how far we have collectively walked!

Click here for a step log template - you might like to use this to record your daily steps.

Walking Challenge Update:

After 20 weeks, we are currently in Arnhem land in the Northern Territory after walking 768kms from north-west of Numburindi, in East Arnhem Shire, heading north and west towards Murwangi where our walk this week ends.

Week 21 - A new record of 1007 km’s. We move from just outside of Jabiru, across Kakadu National Park, crossing many rivers, make our way up to Darwin, then south again before heading west towards NT/WA border.  Our journey ends in the Baines locality, between Timber Creek and the border.  Amazing countryside, wildlife and history. The travel log showed pictures and information on familiar places like Adelaide River, Humpty Doo, Darwin, Robin Falls, etc. We are nearly in WA

We are still welcoming additional walkers to help us complete the walk back to Adelaide. Every step counts, so if you would like to help let us know. Helping others, is a good way to get moving.


If you have any questions, please contact Jim on 8406 8251.

Date & Time

30 Sep 2020 11:59PM