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Food Safety: For the Public

Safe food handling guidelines, legislation regulating home businesses and community groups, and consumer protections.


  • Food Safety Rating Scheme

    The City of Salisbury for the past 4 years has undertaken a pilot food safety rating program for restaurants, cafes and hotels.

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  • Food Safety: Events

    If you want to sell food to the public it is essential to adhere to the guidelines for temporary food premises to ensure food is handled appropriately and that the operator complies with the relevant legislation.

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  • Food Safety: At Home

    When preparing food for yourself and others, there are five major factors you can control.

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  • Food Safety: Home business

    Any activity involving the preparation, storage or transport of food that is intended for sale, or the sale of food, must be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2002 and the Food Safety Standards.

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  • Food Safety: Food Recalls and Complaints

    Council’s Public and Environmental Health Section investigate food complaints and concerns related to food businesses within the City of Salisbury.

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