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Rates and Section 7 Certificates

Council sign and building

Section 187 and Section 7 Certificate Searches can be requested by any person with an interest in the land (refer to Local Government Act 1999 (Section 187).  

Fees and Charges

From 1 July 2021, are as follows:

Rates only - $36.50

Section 7 only (standard) - $26.00

Section 7 only (urgent) - $38.75  -currently not be offered


  • Full search = $62.50 (Rates $36.50 + Standard Section 7 $26.00)
  • Full urgent search = $75.25 (Rates $36.50 + Urgent Section 7 $38.75) -currently not be offered

Request Timeframes

Standard requests are returned electronically via email within 8 business days.

How to Request a Search

  • Via our online service (click on the New User Registration link provided below to register as a new user or Rates Certificate and Section 7 Notices if you are already registered).
  • Email search request to (copy of Certificate of Title and payment details must be included).

Enquiries should be forwarded to or phone 8406 8222.


New User Registration

Simply enter your contact details and register a unique username and password.

Rates Certificates and Section 7 Notices

To request a new Certificate or Section 7 you will be presented with a series of pages and you will be required to fill in all of the requested information. Each page contains an explanation of the information to be entered.