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Doing Business with Council

Economy, efficiency and ease of access - Salisbury truly is a showcase for what a city can offer your business.

The City of Salisbury receives funding from various sources, including rates, and external government and grant funding. In expending these funds, Council is required to adopt an ethical, transparent approach which balances the principles of equity and transparency.

For major purchases of Goods/Services/Works, Council may engage in a Tender Process, in which tenders are advertised on the SA Tenders website, which is the central source for public procurement activities in South Australia. 

Suppliers Tendering Guide

SA Tenders & Contracts

Provides easy-to-use tender and contract access, with a facility to download tender documents and lodge electronic tender submissions.  
Once you are registered – a free service – a customized search can be set, where relevant tenders are emailed to you automatically.
The site also provides details of South Australian Government awarded contracts.

The City of Salisbury has a preference for the release and submission of all tender responses electronically.  

As a supplier, please ensure you register (free) on the SA Tenders and Contract website to get up to date information. The following is a feed of current tenders offered by the City of Salisbury as displayed on the Tenders SA website.

Current tenders can be viewed via a feed from the Tenders on SA Tenders & Contracts website, or via their website directly,

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