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Recognising our invaluable volunteers

Released on 17 May 2021

From delivering meals to coordinating exercise programs, our generous volunteers perform a wide range of roles at Council which helps us to expand our services to more closely meet the needs of the community.

Impressively, there are a total of 472 active volunteers at City of Salisbury who have given an incredible 32,500 hours of their time in 2020/21.

  • Almost 42 per cent of volunteers were born overseas, stemming from 51 countries
  • Fifty foreign languages are spoken among volunteers, promoting greater engagement with a variety of cultural groups in our community in order to build positive and respectful relationships

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM said volunteers were an integral part of the fabric of Council.

“Our volunteers do so much for the community and they often do not realise just how special they are,” Mayor Aldridge said.

“I’d like to thank each and every one of them during National Volunteer Week and ensure they know their efforts are very much appreciated, not only during this week but all year round.”

You can read more about volunteering with City of Salisbury here.