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Draft City Plan 2035

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Wednesday 27 May 2020

We would like to hear your views on the draft vision, and whether the actions identified in the draft City Plan address the issues you see as being priorities for the City and our community over the medium to longer term.  

You can view the draft City Plan 2035 HERE which contains the vision, foundations, and critical actions.

You can fill in the Survey HERE.

There are also a number of supporting documents which provide some additional context:

Download Strategic Context

Download City Snapshot

Alternatively you can call Council to request a hard copy survey (08) 8406 8222 or download the hard copy HERE and post it to council at City of Salisbury, 34 Church Street, Salisbury SA 5108 // PO Box 8, Salisbury SA 5108.

If you would like further information about City Plan 2035, please contact Natalya Boujenko on (08) 7006 2655 or via email at


The City Plan shapes everything that Council does, across the entire City – it responds to the vision for our City and identifies the critical actions that Council will deliver over the next four years. It also guides our advocacy with governments and other stakeholders, as well as our strategy development and planning for the longer term future. We are currently reviewing it as we need to make sure we keep it current and relevant to the changing needs of our community. 


A new vision for the City of Salisbury has been prepared for the purposes of consultation, and underpins what the City Plan is working towards.   

A sustainable, connected and progressive community 

This draft vision has been developed by Council’s Elected members to articulate what we want the City be, and to act as a shared and positive focus for the community and Council moving forward. It has a strong emphasis on community – our residents, businesses and workers, community groups and neighbourhoods - and seeks to encapsulate our desire for: 

  • Ongoing sustainability to meet the needs of the current community and future generations.
  • Connection in all its forms. Salisbury is made up of 32 suburbs, 143,000 people, 7,200 actively trading businesses and significant amounts of open space.  The importance of connectivity is increasingly recognised as a determinant of community well-being.  This takes many forms – connections between people and nature, connections residents have with job opportunities, the physical connections between our suburbs, the social connections fostered through organisations such as clubs and schools and economic connections our businesses have with each other and global market.
  • progressive outlook, with our residents, businesses and the Council administration being forward looking and willing to try new things.  Recognising that we take pride in our past and using this as a foundation on which to build new opportunities and respond to challenges.


It is important to note that preparation of the draft City Plan 2035 occurred in late 2019 and early 2020, before the impacts of Australia’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic had begun. We appreciate that this event is probably one the biggest economic and social disruption that we have ever experienced. With this in mind, it is expected that further actions  may need to be incorporated into the City Plan to respond to the impacts of this event on our community. The City of Salisbury has already announced a number of initiatives to help address the immediate-term impacts of this situation on our community (please see our 20/21 Annual Plan which is also currently on public consultation for details), and there may be additional actions inserted into the City Plan as a result of further consideration during the consultation period.