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Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan Consultation

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Friday 06 September 2019

We are currently seeking feedback on Council’s draft Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan.

The plan is available in two formats:

·         Short version

·         Detailed version - which includes the actions, outcomes and strategies

A hard copy of either document is also available at Council reception, libraries and community centres.

Information about this consultation and the short version can be provided on request in other formats:

  • Word document
  • Braille
  • MP3 disk

Please contact community Development Admin on 8406 8368 or

What is the Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan?

The Ability and Inclusion Strategic Plan is City of Salisbury’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. It has been developed following extensive community consultation. It is a plan to achieve 8 outcomes that have been identified by the community which will make Salisbury an inclusive, accessible and welcoming place for people of all abilities to live, work and play.   

Why is it required?

State Government legislation now requires all local governments to have a Disability Access and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

What was the initial community consultation process?

Between August and October 2018 Salisbury Council spoke to the community to find out how to make Salisbury a better place for people with disability to live, work and be part of

A number of community consultations were held and we heard your views on how best to participate, contribute and thrive in our community. Those who took part included people with disability, carers and families, organisations and groups that support people with disability, and service providers.

What were the key outcomes?

The following shows the different groups we spoke to and the key messages we received through the conversations.

Feedback Reaching for Inclusion Forum.png

 A video summary of the findings for the first round of consultation can be found here

If you would like a copy of the full report on the community consultation which contributed to the draft Strategic Plan, contact Mike Taggart on 8406 8368 or email

What were the next steps?

Council has listened to the community and used their ideas to develop a plan with eight key areas that supports people with disability to live well in Salisbury.

These are:

1.    Support for Health and Wellbeing through Inclusive Programs, Services and Events
2.    Accessible Buildings Streets and Open Spaces
3.    Appropriate Information and Responsive Customer Service
4.    Effective Contribution to Community and Decision Making
5.    Proactive Planning and Building Assessment Processes
6.    Informed and Supportive Working Environments
7.    Informed Community with Inclusive Attitudes and Behaviours
8.    Ability Inclusion Planning is integrated across Council Business

A graphical representation of these eight outcomes can be downloaded here.

This plan will be used by all areas of Council to:

  • Support health and wellbeing
  • Improve the built environment
  • Improve the way we communicate
  • Provide opportunities to participate in community and decision making
  • Maximise work and volunteer opportunities
  • Promote positive community attitudes and behaviours 

How can I have a say?

  •    Come along to a group session: Tuesday 27 August 10am to 11.30am in the John Harvey Gallery. RSVP essential.
       Book online here or email or phone 8406 8368

  •    Email: with subject ‘Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan’

  •    Write to Council: Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan, City of Salisbury, PO Box 8 SALISBURY SA 5108

  •    Phone: 8406 8368 to make a time to talk with Mike Taggart, Inclusion Project Officer (interpreting services, including Auslan available on request).

 We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Key Dates

  • Consultation dates

    Feedback on Council’s draft Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan is open from 9am Monday 12 August until 5pm Friday 6 September 2019

    For more information

    For any enquires, contact Mike Taggart on 8406 8368 or email