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Cr Beau Brug JP

Cr Beau Brugg.jpg

Councillor for West Ward


Postal Address

Suburbs Represented:
Bolivar, Cavan, Dry Creek, Globe Derby Park, Greenfields, Mawson Lakes, Pooraka, St Kilda, Waterloo Corner (part of)

Positions Held Summary:
2017 – 2018: Elected Member, Levels Ward
2018 - Current: Elected Member, West Ward

Council Appointed Memberships: 

Committee and Board Memberships (External):

  • Metropolitan Seaside Councils Committee (Deputy Member)

Council Committee Memberships:

Standing Committees

  • Budget and Finance Committee (Chairman)
  • Policy and Planning Committee
  • Resources and Governance Committee
  • Council Assessment Panel

Internal Committees/Sub Committees

  • White Ribbon Working Group

Personal Statement:
As an Elected Member who lives, works and went to school locally, I am aware of what is important to residents.  When I am meeting residents, the cost of living is constantly raised therefore I am not in favour of high Council rates.  I am working hard to ensure suburbs are not neglected and that Council focuses its limited resources on basic services like footpaths, decent roads, parks, verges and not fund extravagance.  I am passionate about building infrastructure for our City that we need and planning for the future this includes increasing Elder Smith Road to multiple lanes and constructing a multi-story car park to address major car parking issues around the Mawson interchange. I am also working hard to remove nuisance trees and stop illegal dumping. I can only do this with your continued support. I am standing up for you and asking the tough questions.