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Annual Plan

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The Annual Plan details Council’s services, including new services and projects, together with financial impacts. The purpose is to provide all information so that the community can judge the budget and how it aligns to the City Plan 2030. The Executive Summary provides a snapshot of the Annual Plan, and provides guidance as to where more information is available.

Annual Plan (2020/21)

Rate Increase

The Annual Plan is based on a 0% rate increase, (except where rates have increased as a result of improvements, a change to the land use or zoning, a change in ownership or a correction to the property value).  In response to COVID-19, Council have determined a number of measures to support the community and look toward economic recovery.  Further information about rates is in the Rating Strategy and Policy on pages 104 to 107. 

2019/20 Budget

2020/21 Budget

Rate increase



Operating Surplus

This year, Council will make an Operating Surplus of $1.7M or 1.4 per cent Operating Surplus Ratio. Further information is in the Budgeted Financial Statements and Analysis on pages 37 to 41. 

Financial Sustainability

Being financially sustainable means having:

  • The ability to have consistent services into the future
  • Infrastructure, like roads, continuing to be maintained at an appropriate level
  • Current ratepayers pay the costs associated with the services consumed
  • New infrastructure provided to meet community expectations, balanced against increases in costs

We measure financial sustainability through 3 indicators. The Long Term Financial Plan (pages 12 to 15) shows that Council is budgeting and planning to be sustainable over the coming 10 year period.



20/21 Budget


Operating Surplus



Asset Sustainability



Net Financial Liabilities



Service Provision

The 2020/21 Budget ad Long Term Financial Plan has incorporated a $2.4M operating surplus initiative with the detail to be worked through by Council.  The objective is to maintain services provisions but may result in some services being delivered differently to optimise outcomes.  More information about Council’s services are in the Key Direction sections of the document, starting on page 46. 

Projects and Additional Services

All of Council’s projects and additional services (Budget Bids) are detailed in the Annual Plan by category of spending, and can be found on pages 19 to 36.

Funds of $19.2M are provided for asset updates / renewal in line with our Asset Management Plans, with significant items being:

  • Road reseal and kerb replacement $8.5m
  • Verge development $1.7M
  • Irrigation program $1.3M
  • Building renewal $1.2M
  • Watercourse management works $1.2M

In this challenging time, Council is looking to the future.  In response to COVID-19 Council will be supporting local businesses and economic recovery by not only continuing to deliver planned infrastructure program, but also accelerating the program and bringing forward projects from future years that are shovel ready. This will take our Infrastructure Program to $100M over the next two years.

Burton Community Hub will commence detailed concept design, community consultation and construction in 2020/21 to provide service offerings into one facility that caters for the western area of the city taking into consideration potential future growth within the area and impacts of the Northern Connector.

The Paddocks Masterplan has established a coordinated approach for infrastructure investment and ongoing renewal of infrastructure and facilities at The Paddocks which is one of the most significant recreation and open space precincts within the City of Salisbury.

Download the 2020/21 Annual Plan

2020/21 Annual Plan