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Family friendly

Heidi Crossley

“Flexibility that we need at various stages of our lives”

I have been employed with the City of Salisbury since 1991, where I started as a Trainee, wow and I can’t believe I am still here – which says a lot for this developing Council.

During these years I have been given so many opportunities and support in gaining valuable skills in developing my career. 
For me work should be a place where you want to be and where you can be involved, share laughter, be supported and gain experience – Salisbury has done this for me.  Salisbury has also provided me with the flexibility needed for a working mum.  Salisbury is family friendly and understands the needs for flexibility that we all need at various stages of our lives.

City of Salisbury – what an organisation to work with and for!

Heidi Crossley
Coordinator, Administrative Support Services