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Our Sister City (Mobara City, Japan)

Mobara Park

On 25 May 2002, Mobara City and the City of Salisbury formalised an agreement to promote cultural understanding and stimulate economic development. The signing of the Sister Cities Agreement concluded four years of negotiations and is an ongoing representation of the desire to build strong and lasting friendships.

Sister Cities

Established after World War II, the purpose of a sister cities movement was to create familiarity links between different communities throughout the world. Through these increased connections, feelings of appreciation, camaraderie and goodwill are achieved. Sister Cities are not about making money, but about enhancing the community for the benefit of future leaders. The Agreement between The City of Salisbury and Mobara City enables the exchange of friendship, culture and information between two totally different environments that have enough similarities, common goals and interests to maintain such a connection, benefiting not only the larger community but individual relationships across both cultures.

About Mobara City

Mobara City is located in the Chiba Prefecture, some 70km by train from Tokyo and is very close to the Pacific Ocean, making it a popular place in the summer. As at September 2010, Mobara had a population of 92,449 and a land area of 100 km2 compared with Salisbury's 130,000 and 160 km2. Like Salisbury, it is situated near the coast on a flat plain which is subject to periodic flooding problems and, like Salisbury, it has developed from a largely agricultural community to an area attractive to industry. Futaba Corporation, a major manufacturer of radio-controlled models and toys, is headquartered there. The two cities also share the same longitude, and have the same degrees of latitude both north and south of the equator.

Student Exchange programs

Since 2003 students and teachers from schools in Mobara City have visited the City of Salisbury. Hosted by local families and schools, the students and teachers visit local attractions and participate in school-life at local schools. Local students and teachers visit City of Salisbury sister city Mobara City, Japan. Hosted by local families and schools, the students and teachers visit local attractions and participate in school-life at local schools.

Baseball Exchange - Salisbury City Reds

This is the official Salisbury Sister City exchange program. All members must be residents of Salisbury or members of the Northern Districts Baseball Club. To date 22 players from Northern Districts, five from Golden Grove Central Districts and three from Playford City have taken part in the exchange program. Many others participate when the Japanese teams visit Salisbury. For information on the Salisbury City Reds team, please contact Peter Cesco on 0422 006 111.

Sister Cities Sub-Committee

The Sister Cities Sub-Committee has the following objectives:

  • provide opportunities for a 'global education' to the youth of both cities
  • expand the understanding of both cities in relation to culture
  • make our citizens aware and accepting of the culture of our Sister City, therefore contributing to world peace and understanding
  • promote the City of Salisbury and the potential for increasing tourism and trade.

Contact the City of Salisbury Governance and Customer Service Division on 8406 8329 for more information.