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Rural (Aircraft Noise) Direk Industry and Residential Interface DPA

The City of Salisbury is investigating the land use policies and zones affecting land in Burton and Direk mainly zoned as  Primary Production south of the Edinburgh Airfield RAAF Base.

Reviews of the land potential have resulted in the consideration that it is advantageous to link into the adjacent Greater Edinburgh Parks employment lands and the Edinburgh RAAF Airfield and Defence precinct and change the Primary Production Zone to Urban Employment Zone.

This has also taken into account Federal Government initiatives regarding airport operations, more particularly the National Airports Safeguarding Framework which has been created to control land use policies around airports, and  also coincided with a new Airport Noise modelling exercise in response to updated Defence operations for the Edinburgh base and runway extension.

For further information on the project, details of how and when to make submissions and where to view the document if you require,  please read the Community Information Sheet

The Development Plan Amendment document can been read and downloaded here: Rural Aircraft Noise DPA

Public Submissions

1. Submission 1

2. Submission 1A Supplement

3. Submission 2

4. Submission 3

5. Submission 4

6. Submission 5

7. Submission 6

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10. Submission 9

11. Submission 10

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16. Submission 15

Rural Aircraft Noise Development Plan Amendment:

A Public Hearing was held on the 18th June 2018. Submissions were considered at the Policy and Planning Committee meeting on 20th August, and Council at its meeting on the 27th August 2018 endorsed the draft Development Plan Amendment with some changes to be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments document can be found at:

Summary of Amendments

The Amendment can be found at:

DPA Amendment

The Minister for Planning will consider the matter and may either refuse to approve the DPA, approve the DPA, or approve the  DPA with amendments.

 “Federal Guideline on Consultation:

The Federal Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has released for public consultation a draft Guideline on “Managing the Risk in Public Safety Zones at the Ends of Runways”. The proposed guideline identifies areas that should have planning controls put in place through the State Planning systems in order to  limit land uses which increase the number of people living, working or congregating in the identified areas within the Public Safety Zones.

Council refers the reader to the Federal website for information on the draft Guideline and the associated information. Submissions are to be made to the Federal department at by 5pm on Thursday 12th July 2018.

The information on this matter and associated airport related matters can be found at:

Please note some of these files are very large, use caution when downloading to mobile devices to avoid excess data charges from your provider.

If you would like further information regarding the DPA please contact Peter Jansen on 8260 8148.