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Minor Domestic Structures

The construction of most minor domestic structures such as carports, verandahs and garages will require Development Approval from Council.  Development Approval is comprised of both Development Planning Consent (Planning consent) and Provisional Building Rules Consent (Building consent).  The application may be made for both consents together or separately.

Planning Consent

An application for planning consent is assessed against the Development Plan, which is the policy document to ensure development in Salisbury occurs in an orderly manner.  The matters that will be considered include: 

  • Minimising the visual impact of the structure on adjoining properties and the street
  • Site coverage
  • Retaining private open space
  • Setting the structure back off a secondary frontage (corner allotments)
  • Painting/materials
  • Not compromising the safe and convenient use of driveways and ensuring safe and orderly traffic movements within the locality

Building Consent

The application for building consent is assessed against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia (the structural safety, health and fire protection of the premises). The following information is required as part of the building application:

Builders Indemnity Insurance is required for all work valued $12,000 and above where a Licenced Builder is engaged to carry out the construction work.

Construction Industry Training Board Levy is required for all work valued at more than $40,000.

When Is An Application Required?

Domestic Outbuildings

Domestic outbuildings are enclosed structures, which can either be freestanding or attached to an existing structure and are proposed to be constructed on a site which is currently used as a residential property. 

A domestic outbuilding does not require approval from Council if it complies with the following: 

  • If the proposed structure is setback further than the existing building from the primary (or secondary) street allotment boundary and 900mm from the secondary street boundary (if a corner allotment
  • If the structure is less than 2.5m above the natural ground level
  • If the structure is greater than 6m away from the corner of two boundaries where both boundaries face a road
  • If the structure is less than 15m2 in floor area and has no span exceeding 3m

For the construction of an outbuilding using standard building specifications (eg. Olympic Garages, Stratco or Woodroffe carports and verandahs), a copy of the specification related to the job should be attached to the application.   These ‘standard’ designs use specific connection and footing details, which must be strictly adhered to during construction.

For ‘non-standard' designs (ie. using your own design), a Certificate of Structural Adequacy from a structural engineer will need to be provided with your application.


A pergola is an open sided structure, which can be either freestanding or attached to an existing structure and does not have a solid roof (ie. the wind and the rain can pass through).

A pergola does not require Council approval if it complies with the following: 

  • Open sides and roof (shade cloth, battens or a creeper or vine is acceptable)
  • No higher than 4m at the topmost point
  • Is not less than the prescribed setback distance from a street property boundary
  • Proposed on a site currently used as a residential property
  • Not the subject of any encumbrances over the site, in which case the application must have encumbrance approval in the form of stamped approved plans from the beneficiary of the encumbrance prior to lodgement with Council

Applications for pitched roof timber pergolas can be dealt with using the Timber Framing Code.  Steel framed pitched roof pergolas need to have an engineer's calculations to test the steel member sizes and to specify the connection details.  Those plans which have no calculations lodged with the application cannot be approved until design calculations from a Structural Engineer or a Certificate of Structural Adequacy are provided.

Water Tanks

Water tanks (and any supporting structure) that are part of the roof drainage system will require Council approval if they: 

  • Have a total floor area exceeding 10m2, or
  • Have some part higher than 4m above the natural surface of the ground
  • Are located wholly above the ground

Swimming Pools

Applications for swimming pools including portable inflatable swimming pools that exceed 300mm in depth or have a water filtration system, require both planning and building approval.  Council requires a detailed site plan to be submitted with any swimming pool application.  

This site plan must show the proposed pool fencing shown and the gate access to the pool.  It is important to show the height and type of existing fencing (if you are using it as part of the pool fence) and the details of any proposed fencing.  As part of the application you must also note if the pool is in-ground or above-ground, and dimension on the site plan the distance from the proposed pool to the property boundary and any existing structures.  Pool specifications must be provided for the pool to for Building Assessment.

Non-Residential Properties

When an outbuilding, pergola or verandah is proposed in connection with a commercial, retail or industrial site, approval is required to be sought from Council regardless of the size or whether the structure is a pergola or a verandah.

How Long Will The Process Take?

Council will endeavour to deal with minor structure applications as soon as possible.  Please note that if all relevant information is not provided the application will take longer to process. 

Further Information

Please note that the information above is intended as a guide only.

Further clarification of these matters can be obtained from the Development Services Department on phone: 08 8406 8222, fax: 08 8281 5466, or email

Lodge Development Application

If you wish to proceed to lodge a development application online please click Application Lodgement