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Unity Park

This wide-open tract of land has recently been developed for the enjoyment of the community.

There really is something for everyone: a skate park, BMX facility, playground, walk/bike trails, dog friendly park, fitness station and wetland.

The Unity Park Skate Facility is a superb street circuit of rails, ramps, boxes, slopes and quadrangles.

The fitness station offers a great place to work out and test your endurance.

The equal access playground facilities for all ages available.

A relaxing walk can be enjoyed along the walk/bike trail that encircles the park and passes each facility including the wetlands and dog friendly park.

Dogs are welcome off the leash to run and explore in a fully enclosed dog park.

Trails aid unassisted access for those using wheelchairs.


  • Fenced Play Area
  • Picnic Setting
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Dog Park
  • BMX Track
  • Water Fountain
  • Parking


South Terrace

Pooraka SA 5095