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Digital Business Advice


Digital Growth Program, Helping Business Succeed Online

The Polaris Centre Digital Growth program will assist your business through a whole of digital life scenario. From start up to innovation and sector leadership, your digital business needs are in our hands. Find out more

Digital Start

1.5 hours of one on one time with our digital consultant to help you with your business startup digital needs. Domain names, web hosting, social media, cloud, blogging……. the list goes on. We will help to demystify the digital landscape for you so you can work on the other core elements of your business. 

Digital Audit

Designed for established businesses, the free Digital Audit will take a close look at your existing website and social media and use of digital technologies and IT.

Using our comprehensive set of diagnostic tools, we will analyse your current state of digital affairs and give you some take aways to improve your businesses digital presence and use of digital technologies.

SEO, SEM, Social Marketing and other elements may also be covered.

The Digital Audit will inform what fields need to be covered in your digital mentoring.

Digital Mentoring

For those businesses signing up for a paid mentoring package and requiring digital assistance.

A 3/6 month program of intensive mentoring/consultancy to focus on a critical digital element of your business. Get independent help with a Kickstarter campaign, work on a large scale online training program, put the elements of an online drip fed sales funnel in place or learn how to use WordPress. This flexible and low cost paid program of mentoring is designed to your business needs.