Rates and Section 7 Certificates

Council sign and building

Section 187 and Section 7 Certificate Searches can be requested by any person with an interest in the land (refer to Local Government Act 1999 (Section 187). 



Fees and Charges

As from 1 July 2018, are as follows:

Rates only - $33.25

Section 7 only (standard) - $23.80

Section 7 only (urgent) - $35.50


  • Full Search = $57.05 (Rates $33.25 + Standard Section 7 $23.80)
  • Full Urgent Search = $68.75 (Rates $33.25 + Urgent Section 7 $35.50)

Request Timeframes

Standard requests are returned electronically via email within 8 business days.

Urgent requests returned electronically via email within 24 hours (business days).

How to Request a Search

  • Via our online service (click on the New User Registration link provided below to register as a new user or Rates Certificate and Section 7 Notices if you are already registered).
  • Email search request to development@salisbury.sa.gov.au (copy of Certificate of Title and payment details must be included).


Enquiries should be forwarded to development@salisbury.sa.gov.au or phone 8406 8222.


New User Registration

Simply enter your contact details and register a unique username and password.

Rates Certificates and Section 7 Notices

To request a new Certificate or Section 7 you will be presented with a series of pages and you will be required to fill in all of the requested information. Each page contains an explanation of the information to be entered.