City of Salisbury Pooraka Waste Transfer Station
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Pooraka Waste Transfer Station

63 Research Road
Pooraka SA 5095

T: 8162 5348

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Open: 8:00am to 4:00pm 7 days
Closed: Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, and Anzac Day

The Transfer Station is available to the general public for the disposal of Hard Waste and will accept trucks up to 2 tonne tare. Oil may be deposited at the Transfer Station at no cost however other liquids cannot be disposed of at this location. 

Prohibited Waste 
The Transfer Station is not licensed to receive the following:

Some household hazardous wastes such as unwanted chemicals can be disposed a no cost at the Zero Waste SA depot.  Please refer to the Zero Waste website for accepted waste and depot opening times. 

Materials such as asbestos and nuclear waste are included as prohibited waste and will not be received at the Transfer Station. The EPA website contains information on where such materials can be disposed.

Sort and Save
The Pooraka Waste Transfer Station offers a discount on all sorted loads that comprise at least 75% recyclable materials.  These materials include: 

  • All types of metals, cardboard, paper and oil (received at no charge)
  • Plastic and glass beverage containers, ie. soft drink bottles
  • White goods (complete units of washing machines, domestic fridges, laundry and bath tubs, cookers etc)
  • Concrete bricks & pavers, gravel, clean soil (these materials cannot be contaminated by dissimilar materials)
  • Greenwaste (all general organic garden waste, including lawn clippings, prunings and branches)


Electronic waste (or e-waste), including televisions and computers, is growing three times faster than any other type of waste in Australia.  From 1 September 2013, all electrical waste including audio/video equipment, small household appliances, mobile phones, tools, toys, leisure equipment, home/office communications devices etc is banned from disposal to landfill.

The City of Salisbury will continue to receive e-waste at its Waste Transfer Station at Research Road, Pooraka although customers will be required to separate this from general waste brought to the facility. Read more.

Free Tv and Computer Recycling
The City of Salisbury and DHL Supply Chain have established a Drop Zone to receive TV’s and computers for free at Council’s Waste Transfer Station at 63 Research Road, Pooraka. This service is not designed to receive commercial quantities of waste and is offered to households and small businesses only.  A maximum of 15 items will be accepted.  Schools and larger businesses will need to make their own private arrangements. More information on e-waste recycling can be found here.

Green Waste
The transfer station also offers a reduced rate for greenwaste disposal to residents of Salisbury.  Free trailer hire is also available to residents (deposit required).

The Pooraka Waste Transfer Station sells mulch to the public by the trailer load.

Paper and Cardboard  received free of charge
The Pooraka Waste Transfer Station receives free of charge clean paper and cardboard.  No other materials are to be included with the paper/cardboard. ie plastic and poly-styrene etc.

The Pooraka Waste Transfer Station receives clean metal at no charge however contaminated metals may be received as  sort and save loads. 

Oil may be deposited at the Transfer Station at no cost however other liquids cannot be disposed of at this location.

Hard Waste Service
The City offers two services for the disposal of eligible hard waste items to residents of the City of Salisbury. The service is available once per year.

Voucher Service: Free disposal of nominated hard waste items at the Transfer Station by obtaining a voucher.

Home Collection Service: For a fee of $10 a home collection service for nominated hard waste items can be obtained. The service is available once per year. Suburbs are allocated periods during the year when the service can be accessed. Two periods are available per suburb albeit only one collection is available per year.  

Accessing the Hard Waste Service
The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) manage the voucher service and the home collection service on the City's behalf. It can be contacted on 1800 111 004.

Fees and Charges
Download the 2013/15 Waste Transfer Station Fee Schedule (86KB PDF)

For more information on fees and charges contact the Transfer Station, phone 8162 5348.

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