Salisbury Sports Festival

Salisbury Sports Festival Sunday 10 April 2016

What is the Salisbury Sports Festival?

The Salisbury Sports Festival is an exciting new event that provides all people in the Salisbury community the opportunity to come have a go at a range of different sport and recreational activities as well as some cool sporting entertainment!

In order to showcase sport and recreational activities offered in Salisbury, the Salisbury Sports Festival allows local clubs and organisations the opportunity to promote the programs and activities they provide to all people in the community through 'Come & Try' style activities and information booths at the event. The Salisbury Sports Festival aims to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in sporting and recreational activities within their local community.

The Salisbury Sports Festival primarily aims to:

  • Provide the opportunity for all people in the Salisbury community to connect with local community sport and recreation clubs and encourage them to be involved in long term physical activity
  • Encourage all people in the local community to be active within their community
  • Raise awareness of active recreation and sporting opportunities within the Salisbury community
  • Be inclusive – all people regardless of age, ability/disability, cultural background, socio-economic background etc are encouraged to participate
  • Be free to participants
  • Play, having fun, and achieving personal success

Built into the event is an incentive scheme that encourages people to try different activities and most importantly to take the next step of joining a club of their choice. 

The following incentives are provided to participants that join a club:

  • A Gold Certificate is awarded if a person joins a participating club within a set period of the event, irrespective of number of activities.
  • The certificate will incorporate a SportsPower voucher to assist with purchasing any apparel, shoes or equipment that will help to get started in their chosen sport.

In conjunction with the club provider’s activities and booths, the Salisbury Sports Festival will also incorporate a range of other fun entertainment activities, including games hosted by the Salisbury Amateur Athletic Club such as egg and spoon races, 3 legged races, and the Fastest Athlete in Salisbury Competition.

The Fastest Athlete in Salisbury Competition will comprise of a 60m sprint, split into gender and age categories. Categories include separate male and female Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, and Open divisions. Clubs are invited to enter one female and one male in each category to represent their club. Prizes will be awarded to each division winner as the Fastest Athlete in Salisbury!

These activities will be coupled with a variety of sports equipment and games to contribute to the overall enjoyment of the event. These activities will be sports and health related, to encourage everyone to be active in the community by increasing the awareness of the benefits of sport and recreation.

The Salisbury Sports Festival will host a range of food and drink options however will encourage a picnic styled event, with attendees able to bring their own food, drink, and rugs/chairs to enjoy their surroundings or have a break between the range of fun opportunities present at the event.

When is the Salisbury Sports Festival?

The Salisbury Sports Festival is being held on Sunday 10 April, 2016 from 11:00am until 3:00pm at Carisbrooke Reserve after the Salisbury Amateur Athletics Club’s Half Marathon.

How do I get involved?

Simply come along to the event on the day to have a go at some cool activities and have a lot of fun! Make sure you check back here or the City of Salisbury Facebook page for more details about the event, especially the schedule for the ‘Come & Try Activation Zone!’ and other activities happening at the event!

Remember, if you go on to join a club from the Salisbury Sports Festival, you will receive a special voucher to help with the cost of joining a new club!

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How does my club get involved?

Club registrations have now closed.

If you have any queries about the Salisbury Sports Festival please feel free to contact William via email William McInerney or on 8406 8278.


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