Salisbury Plays

Salisbury Plays

Families that play together stay together. And Salisbury has some great places to play for the young and the young at heart.

Salisbury Plays is an imitative to encourage you to head outside and discover the many parks that are available to you.

There are nearly 200 parks in Salisbury with 140 play spaces. City of Salisbury is continually investing in its parks through initiatives to:

  • Update and systematically replace children’s play equipment.
  • Turn on irrigation to parks with play equipment .
  • Seal and extend trail networks.
  • Upgrade and improve district parks.
  • Install shade and furniture in parks.
  • Replenishing trees.
  • Upgrade St Kilda Adventure Park.
  • And trialling new community initiatives such as fruit orchards and a community wood oven.

Looking for fun things to do outdoors, then check these out

For inspiration on the go, download the “Wild Time App” from Project Wild Thing 

Over time Salisbury Plays will bring to you information of where to go and resources for activities to spend more time outdoors.

If you are a group that regularly holds activities outdoors, why not let us know by sending us an email.

Salisbury Plays Featured on Weekend Notes

Salisbury Plays has been featured in an exclusive Weekend Notes blog post. Weekend Notes is a national collaborative website that reviews various places and leisure activities, like playgrounds, markets, family outings and much more.

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