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Growing for Gold

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2019 marks the 20th year of the annual Growing for Gold program!

Club registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2019 Program, please complete the Club Registration Form Here

All club sessions are fully supervised by a representative of the club. The club sessions are designed to introduce young people to a wide range of different sport and recreation opportunities, with the focus on:

  • being inclusive – all young people regardless of ability/disability, cultural background, socio-economic background, etc are encouraged to participate;
  • free to participants; and
  • play, having fun and achieving personal success.

Built into the event is an incentive scheme that encourages young people to try different activities and most importantly to take the next step of joining a club of their choice. The following incentives are provided to participants:

  • A certificate of participation to all who register in any of the activities offered.
  • A Gold Certificate is awarded if a young person joins a participating club within a set period of the program ending, irrespective of number of activities. The certificate will incorporate a Sports Power voucher to assist with purchasing any apparel, shoes or equipment that will help to get started in their chosen sport.

Growing for Gold’s aims:

  • To provide an avenue through which local sports and recreation clubs can promote the programs and services they provide for young people.
  • To provide young people with an opportunity to participate in sport and recreation based programs that provide them with a positive experience.
  • To increase the number of young people actively involved in long-term community-based physical activity programs.

The Growing for Gold program aims to encourage young people to try a variety of different activities in recreation and sport, then take the next step and join a club(s) of their choice. 

When is Growing for Gold?

The Growing for Gold program will return in October school holidays from 28th September - 13th October 2019.

How do I get involved?

Participant registrations for the 2019 Growing for Gold program will open .

How does my club get involved?

The Growing for Gold program is an excellent opportunity to promote your club / organisation to the local community and to increase participation and membership through your programs and competitions.  History has shown Growing for Gold to be very successful in generating membership for the local clubs with an approximate average of 20% of participants going on to join a participating club.

To register your interest please for the 2019 program please contact William at

Growing for Gold 2018 was proudly supported By:

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More information for 2019 can be found at:


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