Citizen Science for Older People

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Tuesday 13 February 2018 - Tuesday 20 February 2018

Venue: City of Salisbury - Commitee Rooms

Cost: Free

Discover Citizen Science!

Free workshops around Adelaide and South Australia for people aged over 50 .

You can help create new proteins to prevent or treat disease. You can help discover new planets and learn how to classify galaxies. You can identify animals in Africa from the comfort of your home or record plants and wildlife in your local area. Globally, there are now thousands of “citizen science” projects and many millions of participants. Locally, there are many projects that you can join, with or without experience. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is likely to be a citizen science project that will interest you!

Citizen science is a way that scientists and the wider community form partnerships to conduct research. Your participation can be valuable for the scientists, helping them to conduct research that would be difficult without the help of “citizen scientists”. And while you are contributing to citizen science projects, you can gain skills, meet like-minded people, and learn new things along the way.

In these workshops, Dr Philip Roetman will introduce you to citizen science and a variety of projects. Some projects will include outdoor activities, while others can easily be done indoors. Some projects won’t take long, while others are longer-term. Some projects can be done alone, while others are better with groups or grandchildren! Philip will show you how to find projects and demonstrate a few of his favourites.

Philip will first introduce some projects that he has chosen; then he will demonstrate further projects, with a more hands-on approach and with the specific interests of the group in mind. The workshops are free and are for people aged over 50.

Come along and learn how to fold proteins for biomedical research. Come along to help track the changes in the ranges of plants and animals. Come along to learn how to build your own wildlife catalogue, for your home or for a park. Come along to learn how to record and identify frog calls. Come along to become a citizen scientist!

The workshops are run by UniSA's Discovery Circle initiative and supported by Office for the Ageing, SA Health.

Please note this workshop will be held over two days, February 13 and 20 at the Salisbury Council (Committee Room 1), 12 James St, Salisbury. Registering for a ticket provides you a place at both workshops.

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