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Salisbury Aware

Salisbury Aware is a community magazine that features great articles for the community of Salisbury, acting as a voice for community pride.

The City of Salisbury’s flagship publication, Salisbury Aware is published three times a year – March, July and November.

The magazine strives to provide readers with information about programs occurring within the area, as well as promoting the achievements of the community, creating pride and a sense of belonging. It is a magazine for the community, focusing on community issues, enterprise and achievements. It is highly regarded by the local community for its features and feel-good news articles.

In the latest edition you will find stories on our upcoming Salisbury Writers’ Festival, the ongoing renewal of St Kilda Playground, a local YouTube sensation, a talented local soccer player and dancer, and much, much more.

The Editorial team welcomes story suggestions and ideas from its community. If you know of a great story happening in Salisbury, drop us a line at


Download this issue as a PDF: 

Salisbury Aware July 2015 (7MB PDF) 

Download previous issues of Salisbury Aware;

Salisbury Aware March 2015 (7.42MB PDF)

Salisbury Aware November 2014 (5MB PDF)

Salisbury Aware July 2014 (6MB PDF)

Salisbury Aware March 2014 (6.9MB)

Salisbury Aware November 2013 (6MB PDF)

Salisbuy Aware July 2013 (7.95MB PDF)

Salisbury Aware - March 2013 (11.87MB) 

Salisbury Aware November 2012 (6MB PDF)

Salisbury Aware - July 2012 (6.4MB)

Salisbury Aware - March 2012 (7.8MB)

Salisbury Aware - November 2011 (6.8MB)

Salisbury Aware - July 2011 (11.5MB)

Salisbury Aware - March 2011(8.6MB)

Salisbury Aware - November 2010 (6MB)


Salisbury Snapshot

The City of Salisbury’s magazine Salisbury Snapshot is a digital only offering and is available FREE via an email subscription.

Salisbury Snapshot aims to inform the community about Council’s programs, initiatives, activities and events. It is an opportunity for us to showcase what fantastic things are available to the community, our plans for the future and what makes Salisbury a great place to live, work and socialise.

Salisbury Snapshot’s digital edition was launched in August 2014 and is distributed on a quarterly basis.

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Our Community Priorities

With the spotlight well and truly on Northern Adelaide at present, the City of Salisbury believes the time is right to release its Our Community Priorities document in the lead up to the March 2014 State Election.

Our Community Priorities gives a detailed and localised view of the community’s needs now and into the future. This is not a ‘wish list’, but a series of actions and projects that are already underway and will, as they are progressively implemented, contribute significantly to the economic and community wellbeing of Salisbury and the northern region more generally.

These initiatives reflect Council’s longer term strategic directions and immediate priorities as drawn from the City of Salisbury’s City Plan, and add value to the more broadly based State and Federal government agendas.

Download the Our Community Priorities document in full - please note this is a 5MB PDF document. Please be mindful of carrier data limits if downloading to a mobile device.

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