Waste collection schedule


Waste collection is handled by NAWMA and is broken down into different collection cycles. Different council areas will have their bins collected on different days, as well as recycling and green waste. 

There are three different rubbish bins that are collected. The red and yellow lidded bins are supplied to all residents and are collected without additional charge. The green lidded bin is purchased separately from council and there is a small fee payable with your rates for the collection of this bin.

  • red lidded general waste bin - collected weekly
  • yellow lidded recycling waste bin - collected bi-weekly
  • green lidded green waste bin - collected bi-weekly on alternate weeks to the yellow lidded bin

When will my rubbish be collected?

There are a few options to find out when your waste bins will be collected, such as downloading apps that send you reminders. 

NAWMA (Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority)

Visit the NAWMA website, where you can find out when you waste bins will be collected and set reminders. Just enter your address details and you will find your schedule. You can also register to receive information such as collection and sorting tips and changes to the program. 

"My Waste" App

If you own a smart phone (iPhone or Android) please download the free 'My Waste' smart phone app to your phone. This app (created by NAWMA) will show you when your bins are to be collected and what sorts of rubbish/recycling goes into which bin.

 Available in the Apple App Store Available in the Play Store

"My Local Services" App

If you own a smart phone (iPhone or Android) please download the free ' My Local Services' smart phone app to your phone. This will not only tell you what day/date each bin goes out, but you can even set a reminder for yourself to put the bin out on time. This app runs across Local Government in South Australia and has many more services on offer, as well as bin collection dates.

The app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. Search "My Local Services" in the App Store or the Play Store, or click your platform below

Available in the Apple App StoreAvailable in the Play Store