Salisbury Water Management Board

Salisbury Water, a business unit of the City of Salisbury, to be an innovative and reliable water service provider that supports the Council’s initiatives to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the Community. The business has set a practical working model for the introduction of competition into the water market in South Australia.

It provides an integrated approach to water resource management, encompassing local rainwater harvesting schemes, recycled stormwater and native ground water supply schemes to provide a reliable ‘fir for purpose’ alternative to mains water, supplying to the community, industry and schools.

Salisbury Water is governed by the Salisbury Water Management Advisory Board, which consists of 2 external independent leading water/industry expert and Council senior members. The Advisory Board is chaired by one of the independent external members.


The Advisory Board considers and provides council to Salisbury’s Chief Executive Officer on matters brought forward for input, including:

  • Strategic direction
  • Legal and regulatory environment and government policy
  • Community issues
  • Risk management
  • Major capital investment
  • Performance against targets and objectives
  • Development and monitoring of relevant policies, including price
  • Reporting and accountability to the Council