Benefits of Using Salisbury Water

Customers using Salisbury Water are contributing to the multiple benefits the City of Salisbury's reWater projects provide to both the local community and the wider region.

Environmental Benefits

  • Re-using local water reduces the demand on existing water resources such as the River Murray and the Adelaide Hills Water Catchments.
  • The wetlands and processes used to capture and treat the local water increase local biodiversity and play an important role to help protect the sensitive marine environment of the Barker Inlet in Gulf St. Vincent.
  • These projects also provide unique opportunities for environmental education and scientific research and development –helping to ensure Salisbury's reWater programs contribute to the broader goal of a sustainable city.

Economic Benefits

  • Using Salisbury Water on most of Council's sportsfields and large community parks yields significant cost savings in the provision of these services.
  • Providing reWater at a lower cost than mains water to industrial users assists the Council in attracting and sustaining local industry, which contribute to the local economy and provide jobs in our community.

Social Benefits

  • The development of more than 50 wetlands in the Council area and the use of reWater for irrigating City of Salisbury landscapes have made our city a more beautiful place to live and have provided unique recreational areas.
  • The supply of Salisbury Water to Council sportsfields and community parks has meant that despite water restrictions, grassy areas can continue to flourish and be used for both passive recreation and active sports use.

Mawson Lakes Residents

The Mawson Lakes Reclaimed Water Scheme is an innovative project established by the City of Salisbury, Land Management Corporation, Delfin Lend Lease and SA Water to provide reclaimed water to the Mawson Lakes Development through a reclaimed water network. Download a Fact Sheet on this project. (PDF, 239KB)

The City of Salisbury plays an important part in supplying recycled stormwater from the Parafield Stormwater Recyclying Scheme that is then blended with reclaimed effluent from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant – before being distributed to the Mawson Lakes Development. Download more information about the Parafield Stormwater Recycling Scheme (PDF, 479KB).

The Mawson Lakes system is run entirely by SA Water. For any customer related enquiries or for further information, please refer to the SA Water website.