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Natural Resources Levy

The Natural Resources Managament (NRM) Levy is a State Government imposed tax, which councils are required to collect on behalf of the State Government under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004, with all funds going to the State Government and not the City of Salisbury.

The City of Salisbury objects to the method of collection of the levy, and we support the Local Government Association of South Australia’s efforts to lobby the State Government for the cessation of the current collection method.

All enquiries or concerns about the NRM Levy should be directed to the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board on 08 8273 9100 or


Where the Levy is Used

The levy is utilised only in accordance with the Board's approved plans which include flood control, wetland development, restoring rivers, Animal and Plant Control and community grants to groups or individuals who have 'adopted' a section of their local river or creek to beautify.

Salisbury Council's involvement in the Levy

Salisbury Council is applying to the Board for funds for works and initiatives in the Salisbury Council area to ensure that monies paid by Salisbury residents are spent in the Salisbury area. The Council also encourages local community groups to make applications for environmental initiatives.

Result of Non Payment of the Levy

Council is obliged by legislation to collect the Levy on the behalf of the Board. Any unpaid Levy joins the normal collection process associated with Annual Rates. Fines will be charged on outstanding Levies.

Further Information

For more information, contact the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board by calling 1300 764 489 or visit the web site at