Consequences of Default in Payment


If an instalment of rates is not paid on or before the date on which it falls due:

  • the instalment will be regarded as being in arrears
  • a fine of 2% of the amount of the instalment is payable and
  • on the expiation of each full month from that date, interest at the prescribed percentage of the amount in arrears (including the amount of any previous unpaid fine but excluding interest from any previous month) accrues.

Please note: a 2% fine will be applied to any instalment amount not paid by the due date.


In any case where the default in payment of rates (including instalments) occurs, Council may without further notice commence proceedings for all amounts due.

Recovery proceedings available to Council include:

  • proceedings in any court competent jurisdiction
  • an order requiring an occupier of a property to pay to Council amounts of rent otherwise payable to the owner of the property
  • such other legal processes as deemed appropriate by Council
  • compulsory sale of property