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A range of Council services are funded by rates - from water and roads to sports, recreation and playgrounds.


The City of Salisbury’s 2017/18 Rates Brochure offers a snapshot of Council's 2017/18 Annual Plan, which is continuing to place Council in a sustainable financial position whilst delivering key strategic projects and meeting ongoing community needs.

The 2017/18 Annual Plan maintains all existing service levels whilst also expanding investment into areas such as streetscapes, verges, flood management and recreation and sporting facilities. It also includes the allocation of funds towards revitalising the Salisbury City Centre through the establishment of a Community Hub. This is a key opportunity to revitalise our City Centre whilst also modernising and improving the way Council operates. This project will bring together our community, civic and learning functions within a central precinct. . The costs of this project have been incorporated into the Long Term Financial Plan and key financial indicators 

Our debt levels remain low, and financially Council is in good shape, meaning that the community’s assets can be appropriately maintained whilst service levels are maintained and in some cases expanded.

Importantly, more than $55 million will be spent on capital works projects and $14 million will go towards renewing community assets ensuring they continue to perform the functions that they were built for and to meet the needs of the community, including;

  • Salisbury City Centre Regional Community Hub $27 million allocation from a $37 million net total cost  
  • Para Hills Community Hub $2.3 million from a total project cost of $4.4 million  
  • Road reseal and reconstruction $8.8 million  
  • Building renewal $1.6 million  
  • Street Trees and Screens $1.3 million

The 2017/18 Plan continues the work towards creating our vision of ‘Salisbury - A flourishing City with opportunity for all’.

 City of Salisbury 2017 Rates Brochure Online

Council Rates and Services Fact Sheets

The Local Government Association (LGA) has produced four fact sheets about council rates and services, available as PDFs for download below.

Council Services PDF - Outlines a range of services which are funded by council rates

Funding Council Services PDF - Outlines the constraints and challenges in funding for councils along with some information about how services have expanded in range, quality and standards met in recent years

About Council Rates PDF - Explains the rating system

Valuations PDF - Explains property valuations

For more information visit the Council Rates information section of the LGA (Local Government Association of South Australia) website.

More information about rates