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The City of Salisbury invests significantly in animal management programs and encourages responsible cat ownership.

Homeless cats

The Dog and Cat Management Board has launched a new campaign and web site to address homeless cats.

Homeless cats are usually domestic cats who are lost or abandoned. Many are frequently or infrequently fed by well intentioned animal lovers but unfortunately this behaviour simply extends a lifestyle of danger, disease, discomfort and illness.

This website seeks to provide some helpful facts and figures and suggestions about what we can all do to reduce the number of homeless cats in our State.

The site also encourages you to join the discussion, provide your views and see what other like minded cat lovers are saying on our forum.

Nuisance cats

Responsible ownership is an important part of having a pet. The City of Salisbury invests significantly in animal management programs and encourages responsible cat ownership.

Where cats are recognised as a nuisance, and the owners/property can be identified, Council can only proceed to investigate the complaint if a Cat Nuisance Diary is filled out. The complainant will be required to fill out a seven-day diary noting the nuisance behaviour along with their written complaint.

Download the Seven-Day Diary.

Once the complaint has been received by Council, Council's Inspectorial Services Staff can investigate. Without a formal complaint, no action can be taken on private property.

What can be done with feral cats?

As there is still no current legislation regarding feral cats in residential areas, Council is unable to control this problem unless the cat and the owner can be identified. Feral cats on private property are the responsibility of the owner.

Traps are available from Council, or may be hired from the Animal Welfare League or the RSPCA.

Does Council provide cat cages?

Council provides cat cages to the public free of charge, however hiring a trap requires a $100 deposit.  The deposit is fully refundable provided the trap is returned clean and undamaged.

For more information in regards to the hiring of Council cat cages, please call 8406 8222.

Other contacts

Animal Welfare League
1-19 Cormack Road
Tel: (08) 8348 1300
Open: 10am to 4pm, seven days a week (except Christmas Day)

25 Meyer Road
Cat Shelter Tel: (08) 8382 9962
Open 10am to 5pm weekdays and 10am to 2pm weekends and Public Holidays.

If you would like further information about the above, contact the Inspectorate Services staff at Council on 8406 8221 or fill out the form below