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Goal Setting Tips during Active Ageing Week

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The objective of Active Ageing Week is to celebrate the many varied possibilities to help people stay active and engaged as they age.

It promotes the benefits of healthy lifestyles, staying active and engaged in safe and supportive environments.

The Jack Young Centre hosted two events during this year’s Active Ageing Week 23 – 29 September.

  • How to Set & Reach Your Goals - Monday 24 September.

  • Keeping Your Body Well for Gardening - Tuesday 25 September.

Some take-away lessons from the 1st session with Nicky Baker from the Flinders University are below.

Do you have a goal?
(eg Get more exercise? Eat better? Be more productive? Look after your general wellbeing?)
Here are 4 steps towards achieving goals:

1. Be SMART!  Express the goal so that it is…

  • S specific M measurable A attainable R relevant T time-related

2. Describe the goal in terms of the behaviour

  • break the big goal down into steps
  • make it something you do, rather than avoid

3. Brainstorm barriers

  • Physical, psychological, emotional, social

4. Make it public  


What are the benefits of goal setting?
  • Gives you direction

  • Forces you to evaluate your wishes/ needs / values

  • Provide a way forward during tough times

  • Help draw interesting and helpful people towards you.