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10 tips to lead healthier lives in 2019

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The International Council on Active Ageing CEO Colin Milner shares ten tips to make the most of 2019


1.    Think Positive

Strive for success in all your endeavours

Never let your age be a barrier.

Research has shown that thinking positively about getting older can lengthen your life by as much as 7.5 years

2.    Turn your spark into a flame

Do you have a passion, talent or hobby that you do well at? Nurture it, grow it, and let that enthusiasm spill over into other areas of life.

3.     Keep your motor running

If you suspect your lethargy is caused by physical or mental health issues, by all means see a healthcare professional. But don’t underestimate your ability to recharge through lifestyle changes and gain the energy to do the things you love to do when you want to do them.

4.       Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet and healthy weight are keys to physical and mental health. Use a common-sense approach – eat lots of fruit and vegetables, go easy on the sugar and salt.

5.    Regular Exercise

Staying physically active fuels the body and mind and helps prevent physical and mental decline. If you are already exercising – keep it up!

If you are just getting started, set realistic goals based on your own fitness level, then move towards them at your own pace.

6.       Connect with people

Keep your social life active. Go out with friends to see a movie or enjoy a coffee. Even better, do volunteer work on a regular basis. Research shows that people who volunteer have higher levels of well-being and life satisfaction.

7.       Don’t STAY down

Everyone feels down at times, but if you are feeling out of sorts for two weeks or more, talk with your doctor.

8.       Keep learning

Studies show that life-long learning is good for you. Learning adds a needed dimension in life, whether it involves staying in touch with what is happening in the world or keeping the brain stimulated.

9.       INVEST in you

Consider your effort to improve and realise your goals as a small investment in a plan that pays big dividends. The results will be well worth it.

10.     Have fun!

A healthy life is generally a life filled with joy and laughter. So do what you need to do to kick up your heels and have a good time. Ride a bike, learn a language, take up dancing. Step outside your comfort zone if you have to. Make 2019 the best year ever to be alive.


Tips courtesy of ICAA (International Council on Active Ageing) CEO Colin Milner