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‘Strength for Life’ Classes out of hours

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Great news for those wanting to try Strength for Life classes.

Readers of our previous articles would have read on previous occasions the GREAT results and positive feedback that COTA SA’s ‘Strength for Life’ program is achieving in maintaining and re-activating functional strength.

This is the strength to help us live our everyday lives, like picking up the shopping bag, reaching and grabbing a jar out of the cupboard.

It is good to see that there is now some Strength for Life venues that are offering ‘out of hours’ sessions for people who are working either full or part-time.

Locally, Northcare Physio (Salisbury Plain) offers a 5:30 pm class on a Thursday. Enquires: 8250 7557

*New - Burnfit Studio (Para Vista) offers a 5.45 pm class on a Thursday. Enquiries: 0423 591 658


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