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Graffiti Management

Graffiti Management

In recent years graffiti vandalism has become a significant concern. It is estimated that South Australia alone spends around $20 million each year cleaning up various kinds of graffiti – predominantly tags, murals, and slogans.

The City of Salisbury, like other Councils in the metropolitan area, is affected by graffiti vandalism. To effectively combat graffiti, the City of Salisbury has adopted the approach of removing the graffiti as quickly as possible. In the cases of racist, sexist or obscene graffiti, Council is committed to removal within 24 hours.

To help us achieve this goal, the City of Salisbury has:

  • Appointed a Senior Security Officer who investigates graffiti, vandalism and minor offences to public property.
  • Engaged two full time graffiti removal painters.
  • Introduced a graffiti removal volunteer team that is fully equipped and trained.
  • Engaged ‘Boystown’ on a regular basis to remove graffiti.
  • Trialled alternative graffiti detection systems.
  • Provided after hours security services that are vigilant to vandalism including graffiti.
  • Offered a reward for information that leads to the prosecution of a graffiti vandal.

Graffiti Policy

Council removes graffiti from its buildings and from the frontages of residential properties.

Foul language, religious or political innuendo is removed as a matter of priority.

Council employs painters and has a contract with The Department for Correctional Services to remove graffiti from bus shelters.

Council will assist private property owners within the City by removing graffiti from their property frontage/property boundary or by supplying advice on graffiti removal practises. 

Graffiti Removal and Reporting

Requests for removal from Council or private property should be referred to the Council's Customer Service Staff;

Phone:  8406 8222

In Person: City of Salisbury Munical Offices, 12 James St, Salisbury.

Online: Via eServices

Council painters will paint out graffiti.

Graffiti vandalism on other property should be referred to the relevant authority, including:

  • SA Power Networks - 13 12 61
  • Graffiti at Railways call Police - 131 444
  • SA Water - 0419 805 629
  • Transport SA - 8226 8222
  • Telstra - Customer to call Telstra on 132200
  • Australia Post - 8402 6326 

If you witness a crime, you need to report it to SAPOL on 131 444.