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Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre

Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre is for young people aged 12 to 25 who live, work, study or volunteer within the City of Salisbury.

Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre is the heart of delivery of youth services from Council, however staff of the centre retain a city-wide role, often running events and programs at other sites across the council area.

Twelve25's programs aim to work with young people aged 12 to 25 who live, work, study or volunteer within the City of Salisbury. 

The youth centre building is often buzzing with action on weekdays with spaces including the institute hall, training / meeting rooms, the computer suite with 12 PCs, kitchen, a consulting room and serviced office space that is staffed during weekday business hours. PBA-FM 89.7 Community Radio is also co-located at the site. Programs run at all hours of the day and are facilitated not through the centre but by hire groups.

All centre users for Twelve25 programs and casual access programs are able to become members of the centre. This is a free process but requires guardian / parental consent, this is the same membership used by libraries. Use of the computer suite during public access requires a library/ membership card for access.  

Twelve25 develops and offers programs in partnership with numerous education providers, which target young people who have modified learning plans or for whom learning outside a school environment better suits. 


The focus of Twelve25 centres around four key outcomes which are:

Delivery of development programs that enhance social interaction 

Engagement programs which help young people engage with their community in a safe and positive way including living skills, casual computer / internet access, Salisbury City Rotaract Club, School Holiday Programs, Swim Club, On The Same Wave , sport and recreation events, youth events and supporting Blue Light events. The goal of delivery for these type of projects is as a pathway to education, employment and enterprise programs. 


Programs that have an education outcome including retention within school, programs which have SACE accreditation or are competency based are organised through education providers such as Northern Adelaide Senior College and with private contractors. Including programs such as Aerosol Art, Australian Refugee Association (AR) Homework Club, Digital Photography, Jibba Jabba Radio, Jibba Jabba TV and Salisbury Youth Theatre Group. 


Program's which have a clear outcome to help young people move into employment. Programs include Getting your L's, Wheels in Motion (P's), Interview Me, Centre job notice board and Volunteering opportunities. 


These programs which help young people develop business and enterprise skills including entrepreneurship and innovation focus. Including Programs such as the Airbrush Tattoo Social Enterprise, plus new social enterprise projects coming up in 2016. Pizza Gioventu and Coffee Connoisseurs are models that involve the production and selling of Pizza and Coffee. These Programs look to empower and upskill those young people involved, with the hope for small business or employment pathway. Outcomes could include accreditation, development of group or social enterprise and / or commencement of individual small enterprises. 


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