Pathway to Work, Volunteer and Study


Thursday 03 May 2018 - Thursday 05 July 2018

Venue: Mawson Centre



 Looking to give yourself an edge when it comes to working in today’s world?

Our Pathway to Work, Volunteer and Study is a FREE program to help you prepare for work, study or volunteering in the modern work environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Effective communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Child Safe Environments
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Food Safety

Pathway programs are proven to give positive change to people’s lives. Here’s some happy participants from last year’s program:


Sali came to Australia four years ago. She spoke English well before starting the class but her confidence regarding her speech was not high and she found it difficult to engage in conversation with those outside of her family. Since starting the program, Sali has felt the program has not only built her resume but increased her confidence, improved her communication styles, increased friendship groups and networks and has brought her closer to her goal of working in a commercial hospitality industry by showing pathways to volunteering and further study. She has registered her interest in the Pathway to Hospitality program commencing July 2017.


Kimia arrived in Australia from Iran only four weeks before the class started, she was struggling finding friends, lacked confidence and felt lost in Australia. The program helped her gain confidence, self-esteem, helped her get back into a routine of getting up and ready for the sessions. She also felt the program helped her understand the Australian workplace culture and helped her gain valuable networks in the community. Kimia has applied for a Graduate diploma of teaching at the University of South Australia which starts in the coming semester.

Haying Li

Haiying Li was referred to the Pathway to Work, Study and Volunteering. Li enjoyed all of the topics but also felt that she had improved her confidence when talking in front of a group and better understood others personality traits and how to work with new people. She especially enjoyed the communication section of the class where she learnt about assertive behaviour. Haiying Li is now volunteering at the Para Hills Senior centre to build her experience with working with elderly within our community.

Take that next step towards your future and register today!

For more information and to register contact:

E: P: 8406 8311

The participants will be enrolled in one unit (FSKLRG02) from the Foundation Skills Package through TAFE SA.

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