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Resources for Families

mother reading to child

Parents and care givers are in the best position to help young children get ready to read because they know their children best! A child's experiences in the early years shape their development, ability to learn, social skills and self-esteem. Early exposure to books, stories and libraries often help a child to learn to read more successfully. The Salisbury Library Service offers a range of resources and services that will help you encourage this.

What can your child borrow?

The Salisbury Libraries have vast collections of materials in a range of formats that are free for members of all ages to borrow. Materials are grouped and labelled to help customers decide what is suitable for their age group.
Parents and caregivers are encouraged to provide guidance to their children about the kinds of materials they choose to borrow.

Library staff will only restrict borrowing according to Australian Government classifications.

Family Reading Centres

Family Reading Centres are located in Len Beadell, Salisbury West and Ingle Farm Libraries.

They provide a friendly environment and a wealth of resources for parents, caregivers and early childhood professionals including:

  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Nutrition for pregnant mothers and young children
  • Child behaviour
  • Answer to difficult parenting questions
  • Issues that affect families

The collections also include books for babies, toddlers and preschool aged children, a selection of toys for babies, as well as DVDs, CDs and CD ROMs.

Availability of items may vary between branches.   To find out more, just click here.

Toy Collection

Children and families can enjoy a range of fun and educational toys located at the Para Hills Library. Each child can borrow 4 items for 2 weeks, choosing from a range of games, educational toys, musical instruments and more.

Items borrowed from the Toy Collection must be returned to Para Hills Library.

Sports Library

It's easy for children and youth to be active in Salisbury with sports equipment available for loan from Salisbury West and Mawson Lakes libraries. Up to 4 sets of equipment can be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks and must be returned to the library from where they were borrowed. Availability of equipment may vary between libraries and may differ from season to season.

Examples:  Hockey stick and balls, frisbees, grip balls, scoop set, tennis rackets e balls, footballs, lawn balls, cricket equipment, swimming goggles, rack it back, basketballs, vortex, netballs, badminton set, soccer ball, boxing gloves.

ABC 30&3

ABC30&3 is an award winning literacy program offered to Playgroups and Family Centres in the Salisbury Council district that provides literacy support for families by encouraging effective and regular story telling.  The program promotes the importance of sharing books, songs and play with children.  The group sessions provide opportunities for building fundamental early literacy skills and the future development of reading and writing.

The program runs for an hour a week for 4 to 5 weeks (depending on group needs), encouraging parents and their children in a positive learning environment.  Over the period, we build a kit of resources for each family to take home that includes:

  • Alphabet poster
  • Nursery rhyme CD
  • Story books
  • Puppet

ABC30&3 will be running in various library branches in the coming year and can also be run in Centres where parents or family groups are already meeting, with the sessions feting into regular programming. 

If you would like to introduce ABC30&3 to your Playgroup or Parent Centre, please contact 8406 8533