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eBMV Online Chinese Magazine






eBMV is an online Chinese Magazine subscription available to access for FREE as a Salisbury Library Service member.

Using the subscription is easy! Follow the steps below for access.

  1. Click the link here to open up the subscription
  2. Browse and Select
  3. Choose 'READ ONLINE' or 'DOWNLOAD' - Click the Read Online button to view your selection on the screen; Click the Download button to save your selection to your preferred location; or Choose Cancel to go back. NOTE: If the button is inactive, no copies are available for the corresponding action
  4. If you haven’t already logged in, enter your library card number and PIN, then click the required button again

My Bookshelf

1. Click on My Bookshelf

When logged in, you can access My Bookshelf. This is a list of the items that you have borrowed.

2. Open a Borrowed Item

Simply click on the image of the required item. If the item is not in view, click Get More at the bottom of the list to scroll through the Bookshelf contents.

3. Remove an Item

Click on Remove From My Shelf next to an item to ‘return it to the library’. You will no longer have direct access to this product.

Access Chinese Magazine Subscription.

eBMV English User Guide

eBMV Chinese User Guide