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RB Digital




RB Digital for Libraries, the world's largest newsstand, offers full-color digital magazines for anytime, anywhere reading on desktops, mobile devices and apps.

For library card holders, the South Australian public library service offers access to over 400 full colour digital magazines with many popular titles from Australia and overseas free of charge! Digital magazines can be read online or on mobile apps for iPads, iPhones and Android devices (e.g. Samsung phones and tablets). There are no limits on checkouts, once you've chosen an issue, it stays with your account as long as you wish.

With RB Digital you can:

  • Read complete digital editions of popular magazines
  •  Enjoy interactive elements such as audio and video
  •  Experience anytime, anywhere availability on PCs, Macs or mobile devices
  • Keep magazines for as long as you want •Download magazines to your mobile device for offline reading

How do I sign up for digital magazines?

To get started you will need to:

  1. Know your your library card and PIN code
  2. Go to the SA Public Library RB Digital for Libraries page Once you're logged in, click on a magazine you wish to read. You can choose to continue browsing or read.

Installing the app:

  1. Install the "RBDigital" app from the app store on your device
  2. Open the RBDigital app and set your country.
  3. In the text box enter the email address you use d to register for RBDigital. If you previously used Zinio for Libraries then you can use the same login credentials to log into RBDigital.
  4. Tap next then enter your password.

Get started with RB Digital for Libraries