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True Norh Anthology

True North Anthology Cover

It is our stories, our collective experiences that provide the unyielding, foundational rocks that support us and connect us as a community — and this is why we write.

'You're Not Alone' is an anthology by and for young people. It has been created by members of True North, a young authors group supported by City of Salisbury. The anthology contains prose, poetry and images by over twenty young people aged 12-20 who live and/or study in the City of Salisbury. Published by the City of Salisbury, it has been created and edited by a team of young authors. This is one of the things that make this anthology such a unique and compelling work; it has been created by a unified group of gifted young authors dedicated to writing and to communicating powerful messages through writing and art. As its editor-in-chief, Lorren Cianci, writes in her introduction to the work:

 'The expression ‘You’re Not Alone’ is very open to interpretation, which is what we felt made it such an exciting theme to explore. We also felt it captured the whole concept of True North: you’re not alone in your passion for writing, and are in no way an oddity. We all accept and respect each other, along with the work that we produce. So much work has gone into the anthology that we present to you now. Months of writing and editing and countless True North meetings and votes have been involved in the creation of this anthology. Writing is our love, and now we are sharing it with you.’

Some works in the anthology take us across time and space; we journey to different realms and worlds, experiencing life in utopias and dystopias, cyberspace and the distant past. Many of the authors have used this forum to write about issues that affect young people in modern society, as well as to convey positive messages to other young people who may be experiencing issues such as depression, isolation or uncertainty around identity. The pieces are unified by the common theme of ‘You’re Not Alone’.

This initiative has been supported by the University of Adelaide as part of its Northern Partnerships initiative to support education and industry in the northern suburbs:

The 'You’re Not Alone’  Anthology is being launched at the opening night of the 2015 Salisbury Writers' Festival, on the 21 August, and is available for purchase from Dymocks Adelaide, or by contacting City of Salisbury staff on 8406 8469 or email.

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