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True North Project

Writing implements

You’re a writer. You talk about other worlds in the way other people talk about the footy. You see monsters and demons and they don’t bother you at all; the only thing that scares you is the thought of a day where you won’t get a chance to read, or to write. You drive yourself mad looking for a better word for sad, or a different word for blue, or a truer name for the character who you just met and are already obsessed with; you go mad but you keep searching because you know that nothing matters as much as words and the stories they create.

You’re a writer. And we need you in the True North Project.

The True North Project is a development opportunity for emerging writers aged 12-20.

True North meets every Saturday fortnight at 10am to12 midday during school term time at the Twelve25 Youth Enterprise Centre, 19-17 Wiltshire Street, Salisbury; new members are always welcome.

Upcoming Workshops:

We also run regular workshops and professional development opportunities for our writers.

Past Workshops and Activities:

Here are some of the things our members have recently been involved in!

  • A writing workshop with John Marsden, one of Australia’s most famous authors;
  • A graphic novel workshop with the acclaimed graphic novelist Mandy Orr;
  • Professional Development sessions on how to apply for project funding at The Fifth Quarter, South Australia’s first (and only) development agency for emerging artists
  • Social Media Coordination at the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, which involved tweeting and blogging sessions with John Marsden, Vikki Wakefield, Amanda Blair, Sean Williams, Dan McGuinness, Allayne Webster, Ruth Starke and more!

True North Anthology

True North Anthology Cover


'You're Not Alone' is an anthology by and for young people.

 It is our stories, our collective experiences that provide the unyielding, foundational rocks that support us and connect us as a community — and this is why we write.

 Please click here for more information about the True North Anthology.