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Exhibitions at Salisbury Community Hub

Fibres, Threads and Earth

Date: 22 May to 30 July 2020

Location: Salisbury Community Hub, Salisbury.

This is a solo exhibition by the textile artist Pat Ingram.

The main pieces are textile art but Pat has combined her new found love of ceramics with the textiles, and so the name 'Fibres, Threads and Earth.'

The main piece is called '2020' as this year has been an unusual year with the COVID-19 pandemic, it will go down in history. Pat created this textile art to remind us of our isolation but also our connections.

 Needles and Clay, Beaded Pot.jpg

Needles and clay

Pottery bowl combined with pine needles woven into the top edge.

Beaded pot

This earthern ware pot is decorated with copper wire, beads and a pottery medallion.

 Bowls and Cup.jpg Bowls and cup

Earthern ware with speckled glaze.



Cotton, felt, polyester thread, wadding.

Using free-motion machine embroidery I have quilted the background and the felt dots. Connecting most of the dots with thread.

"This piece is called '2020' because of the unusual year we have had with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we have had to be in isolation we are all still connected either through the internet, phone or mail. We will always remember this year. Something to tell our grandchildren about." - Pat Ingram

 Various hand built earthenware pieces 6.png Various hand built earthen ware pieces

Using the slab building method and also the pinch method. Designs were imprinted on the clay before firing.

 UNTITLED.jpg Untitled

Cotton, felt, polyester thread, wadding fabric sculpture.

"I have used similar techniques to the main piece with a combination of quilting, free-motion machine embroidery and applique. I have created a fabric sculpture." - Pat Ingram

2020 A.jpg

2020 B.jpg

2020 A & B

Cotton, felt and polyester thread and wadding. 

Mini versions of the larger '2020'.

 BIRDS AT SUNSET, DRAGONFLY.jpg Birds at Sunset & Dragonfly

Acrylic paint, felt, fabric, wool and polyester thread on cotton fabric.

The background was hand painted and quilted using free-motion machine embroidery. The dragonfly and the birds are appliqued onto the art quilt.

"These two pieces are inspired by my sister who is also an artist she loves using bright colours in her paintings." - Pat Ingram

 3 Plates.jpg 3 Plates

Plates and 'Sgraffito' decorated.

These three plates were all decorated using the 'Sgraffito' method like the 'Blue Wren' vase.

 Blue ren.jpg Blue Wren 

Vase with 'Sgraffito' decorate.

'Sgraffito' is a technique to decorate the green ware pottery after the under glaze is applied and before it is put into the kiln for the first firing. The design is scratched onto the under glazed areas. When the pot is in the 'Bisque' form then it is clear glazed and put into the kiln for the final firing.

 BIRDS OF A FEATHER.jpg Birds of a Feather...

Acrylic paint, cotton fabric, organza, tulle and polyester thread on calico.

"All the birds and plants are local species that we see every day. My Granddaughters helped me with these squares. They painted the backgrounds and I applied the birds and plants and assembled all the pieces together." - Pat Ingram

 JACARANDA.jpg Jacaranda

"This art quilt was made in the memory of my mum. When my mum was going through chemo she would look out the window at my place and see this massive Jacaranda tree that filled the view. It was so beautiful when it was in full bloom. It gave Mum a lot of pleasure." - Pat Ingram

 UNTITLED 2.jpg Untitled

Hand constructed earthen ware bowl with various glazes.

 Autumn Collection 2.jpg Autumn Collection

Layered glazes using the Majolica method.



Painting with fibers, wool and stitching.


 Sculptured Pot.jpg Sculptured Ppt

Natural cotton rope and polyester thread. Uncoloured.

These pots are made by sewing the cotton rope in a coil and shaping it.

 Girls from the Earth.jpg  

Girls from the Earth

Earthen ware figures.

Handmade using the pinch method.

 Mushroom.jpg Mushroom

Earthen ware lamp and handmade paper shade.



Calico, cotton fabric, felt and polyester threads.

"'Bereboden' means 'lost' in the Wemba Wemba language. I have used free-motion machine embroidery to write various words from the Wemba Wemba language. It appears sometimes a language can be lost but if you look or research it you can find it. This is what has happened in many areas of the Country." - Pat Ingram 

 Story Vessels.jpg  

Story Vessels

Natural cotton rope, cotton fabric and polyester thread.

Coloured with natural dye.

"Story is stitched onto the sewn coiled pots using applique and free-motion machine embroidery. Two of the story vessels are about my family." - Pat Ingram


 Coiled Bowls.jpg  

Coiled Bowls

Jute rope, cotton fabric and polyester thread.


Old Man.jpg



Old Man and Women

Polyester thread on calico.

"I have a very old photo of my family and these two people are in that photo. I use a method called free-motion machine embroidery, but I call this drawing with my sewing machine." - Pat Ingram