Social Media


The City of Salisbury views social networking and social media not as broadcast outlets, but as opportunities to interact with residents and other stakeholders in new ways.

If you use social networking sites or social media tools, we invite you to start or join in conversations with Council.

The badges you'll see on pages throughout the site link to our various social media sites and our RSS feed.



RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is represented by the the orange square with white broadcast beams.  What it indicates is that the information you see is fed out from a database. If you have a feed reader that allows you to read this information or a feed aggregator that allows you to preview information from many web sites in one spot, you can copy the address for the information being fed out from the database and view the information within your feed reader or aggregator.

Many people use RSS feeds to save time. Rather than having to go out to dozens of web sites to catch up on what is new, people can simply view summaries fed out to them using their RSS feed aggregator.

Google provides a free RSS feed aggregator via their iGoogle service. Visit for more information.

Social network sites


Twitter is a short, public message tool that invites users to answer the question "What are you doing/thinking right now?" in a short sentence (140 characters or less).

We use our account!/cityofsalisbury to let people know about upcoming events, materials we've published online, to congratulate the achievements of members of our community and to point you to resources in answer to questions you may have regarding Council and services. 


Facebook provides free, advertising-supported pages for individuals and organisations to share information and stay in touch. As of April 2011, Facebook reported having 500 million active users.

We use our Facebook page City of Salisbury to post news and updates, job openings, events, to highlight community achievements and more. If you like Facebook, consider liking us and stay up to date with what's going on in your community via Facebook. 

Social media sites


The Google-owned video sharing site YouTube allows anyone to upload and share videos they've created with the world. As of February 2011, YouTube was estimated to have 490 million unique users.

We are using the You Tube site to upload videos on a wide range of topics. 

View our Channel on YouTube or click on the player below to play all videos uploaded to date, starting with the most recent.