Twelve 25 Youth Enterprise Centre launch new program aimed at helping the youth find employment

Released on 11 September 2017

Twelve25 recently launched a new pilot program called 'Youth Employment, Family Conversations', that aims to reset how a family can help their young person into employment. The program is designed to be family centric where both the parents and the young person meet together with the employment coach and work on a tailored plan. Manager of Twelve25 Rick Henke said “We know that sometimes parents get frustrated at their young person not getting into employment, sometimes with their effort, sometimes with their motivation. Family tension occurs in most families. Likewise, we know that young people struggle to stay motivated with constant knock backs and with parental expectations compared to the employment market realities”.

The program is being coordinated by Twelve25's new employment coach Cathy Sanderson, who has extensive experience within Centrelink and the Job Services sector and is volunteering her time and expertise. Eligibility for the program is open to any young person who is unemployed and lives together with their parents within the City of Salisbury. You do not need to be registered with a Job Service Agency or in receipt of Centrelink benefits. Participation is entirely voluntary.

The first appointment will be one hour and a written summary will be provided.

A small charge of $15 applies to each session. Some families may only need a single appointment, others may seek additional support.

For more information on the program and to register click here.

Weekly Facebook Employment Resources

In addition to the employment program currently being offered, Twelve25 has commenced a weekly highlight of an employment resource on the Youth in Salisbury Facebook page. Each Thursday at 6pm a new resource is highlighted. Follow the employment resources here.

Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre is a City of Salisbury Community Centre situated at 17 Wiltshire Street, Salisbury. 

Enquires: 8406 8555