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Released on 01 November 2019
Parvo Virus Web Hero.png

There have been a few reports of Parvovirus locally. It is seen every year in the Salisbury and Playford Council areas.

Parvovirus is a deadly virus that affects dogs. The best protection is vaccination, so please visit your local vet clinic and get your best friend vaccinated today.

Please don't wait until it's too late, even if your dog does not leave your backyard it is still at risk.

Parvovirus can be picked up on your shoes and walked into your backyard.

Could the previous owners of your home have had a dog infected with Parvovirus? This disease can live for years in your backyard so it is important to have your new dog fully vaccinated before you take it home.

Puppies need a series of vaccinations to develop full immunity.

Adult dogs require regular vaccinations to maintain this immunity.

If you notice any signs of your best friend being unwell, please contact your local vet clinic.