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NAWMA welcomes $12 million State Government funding announcement

Released on 07 June 2019
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NAWMA welcomes new incentive for investment in recycling best practice to reduce waste to landfill

The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA*) today welcomed the State Government’s $12 million funding announcement to expand the economic, social and environmental benefits of recycling and resource recovery.

NAWMA Chair, Brian Cunningham, said the $12 million recycling transition package would be a major incentive for Local Government and the waste management industry to set new targets in minimising waste to landfill, maximising resource recovery and supporting remanufacturing and local employment.

“NAWMA employs over 80 people, and we look forward to accessing the funding package in order to further stimulate jobs in the northern region,” Mr Cunningham said.

“Importantly, through the education programs to be supported through the package, today’s announcement will also strengthen the commitment of householders and businesses across the State to continue their recycling efforts,” he added. 

NAWMA today hosted the Premier, Steven Marshall, and the Environment and Water Minister, David Speirs, at its state-of-the-art material recovery facility at Edinburgh for the announcement of the new funding for the Waste and Resource Recovery Modernisation and Council Transition Package.

Escorting the Premier and Minister on a tour of NAWMA’s award winning facility, Mr Cunningham said NAWMA was recognised as a world leader in waste reduction and recycling.

“We are pleased to showcase NAWMA’s benchmark achievements as a global standard bearer in waste management and resource recovery,” he said. “These achievements serve as a blueprint for the waste industry and councils across the state to embrace best practice.

 “Annually, NAWMA is managing more than 150,000 tonnes of material across its hub and spoke network of resource recovery centres, waste processing and material recovery facilities and its award winning Uleybury Balefill and Renewable Energy Park.

“From its kerbside collection processes, NAWMA is committed to 100 per cent of onshore processing of yellow top bin recyclables by 2020, and we are already 80 per cent there in meeting this target.

“Today’s announcement will generate a very positive industry and community resolve to generate the maximum value from recyclable and reusable products.

“Specifically, it will encourage Local Government and industry investment in innovative waste collection and processing infrastructure to minimise waste going to landfill and to support new jobs with flow on economic, environmental and social benefits.”

NAWMA recently completed a major upgrade of its Edinburgh material recovery facility to sort the recovered paper from kerbside recycling bins from its council areas to be recycled in Australia into newsprint for major publications including The Advertiser in Adelaide.

“We acted swiftly and effectively to create new markets for these products in response to China’s introduction of a policy strictly limiting the importation of recyclables from Australia,” Mr Cunningham said.

“NAWMA is also committed to recovering more glass, plastics and other recyclables to be recycled in Australia into valuable resources.

“We are achieving this by building a circular economy keeping valuable recycled goods in Australia to support local reprocessing and remanufacturing, a vibrant economy and a sustainable environment.”